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Providing the most reliable inductor support solutions for global customers

What is an inductor ?


The Inductor

An inductor is just a coil of wire around some kind of core. The core could be just air or it could be a magnet.
When you apply a current through the inductor, a magnetic field is created around it.

By using a magnetic core the magnetic field will be much much much stronger.

class D inductor

How to choice a right inductor ?

A:  Considering the using application ,Isat,Irms ,Rdc,operation temperation ,Frequency etc .

Q:   What’s Rated current?

A:  Rated current is the maximum current that can SAFELY pass through the inductor.

Q:   What’s Saturation Current ?

A:   Saturation is the state reached when an increase in applied external magnetic field H cannot increase the magnetization of the material further, so the total magnetic flux density B more or less levels off. (It continues to increase very slowly due to the vacuum permeability.) Saturation is a characteristic of ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials, such as iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys.

Q:   During usage , why temperature on the surface of inductor is high but output power with lower efficiency ?

A:   Normally have two reasons :

       a- Rdc is high and coil accrue heat .

       b- Choose an incorrect core material , if high frequency , core lose increase .

Q:   What’s the advantage of high current power inductors ?

A:    High current power inductors has higher current which be more power . Max can be over hundreds amperes .

CODACA high current power inductor PDF catalogue download 

Q:   Why the molding power chokes no noise in application?

A:   Normally noise comes from the coil shakes. Molding power chokes with high pressure to make powder insert in the coil . A lower possibility accrue noise.

What is the magnetic material ? | Ferrite Core | Alloy Core


What is the magnetic core ?

A magnetic core is a piece of magnetic material with a high magnetic permeability used to confine and guide magnetic fields in electrical, electromechanical.

Common magnetic core material have FERRITE CORES and Alloy core.The ferrite core usually are Mn-Zn ferrite, Ni-zn ferrite, Magnesium zinc ferrite.The Alloy core usually are Iron Powder Core, SENDUST CORES, MPP CORES, Ferro-nickel magnetic powder core, Amorphous nanocrystal

Could you provide samples for testing ? And what is the lead time ?


Yes. Samples will be provided as per requirement and it will take about 4-7 days lead time.

How can you ensure your quality ?


Quality is our company Culture.we promise our products will be 100% inspected before shipment .

Which area are your inductors applied to ?


Codaca inductors are widely applied to LED Lighting, Automotive Electronic, New Energy,Medical Electronic , Industrial Control , Communication Equipment etc....

What's your main products ?


Our main products are High Current Power Inductor,Molding Power Choke,High Current Power Inductor for Digital AMP,SMD Power Inductor and DIP Inductor etc...

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